Occupational Safety As the Main Article of Prevention of Illness and Injury

Health is an overall state of mental, physical and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. A number of definitions have been applied to the state of health over the years. However, there is no universally accepted definition. What we call “healthy” differs from person to person and is dependent on many other factors such as culture, norms, beliefs and practices. It is therefore, very important to ensure that you have a proper healthy mindset for living a healthy lifestyle.

There are various diseases that can affect the mind and body and lead to poor health status. Mental health, on the other hand, includes but is not limited to; general health, cognitive function, memory, personality and emotions. The cognitive functions include such functions as attention, memory, learning, concentration, mood and personality. Emotional health refers to the ability of the individual to cope with emotional states including distress, anger, stress, depression and anxiety.

There has been much advancement in the area of health science and in particular in the field of mental health. A major part of the branch of health science is related to psychology and its disorders such as psychiatric, substance abuse and eating disorders. Psychology also covers various other areas like neuropsychology, medical genetics, electrophysiology and genetic counseling. All these endeavors are geared towards ensuring that individuals lead a healthy lifestyle.

In terms of public health, the goal is to ensure that the population is fit and physically active. This improves the overall health care system as well as reduce the chances of various diseases and ailments. It also ensures that people are empowered to make healthy choices regarding their bodies. An effective public health system also takes care of the prevention and treatment of serious diseases and their complications.

Healthy lifestyle means that the individual is psychologically and physically fit and is free from any disease. This is essential for his or her well-being as well as the overall wellbeing of society. It is important that people eat a balanced diet and take their physical needs seriously. Regular exercise as well as relaxation techniques like yoga, tai chi and massage are beneficial for this purpose. Mental fitness includes maintaining concentration and alertness, improving one’s mental capacity and increasing his or her sense of motivation and self-esteem. A physically fit person is mentally strong and can deal with all kinds of circumstances.

Occupational safety applies to all workers engaged in all types of works like construction work, heavy lifting, automotive or textile manufacturing and so on. It is the main article of prevention of occupational illness and injury. Prevention of illness and injury by avoiding work-related hazards like falling, tripping, contact with dangerous substances, excessive noise and other occupational hazards can significantly reduce the risk of getting a disease or an illness that may prove to be very costly.