Toto Toilets


Toto Toilets

TOTO (Tokyo Toilet Corporation) is the largest publicly traded toilet manufacturing company. It was established in 1917 and is recognized for producing the Washlet and related product line. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide. The company’s products are designed for public and institutional use and are sold under various brands. Many of TOTO’s designs are patented, and the company continuously seeks to expand and diversify its product offering. In addition to their line of washroom products, they also manufacture bathroom furniture and accessories and produce bathroom vanities.

In March 2021, TOTO opened an application program called the “Compact for Good Business,” which required companies to submit bids for selected projects, stating how they will manage the project and deal with suppliers. The stipulations of the contract require each bidder to submit a bid describing the process and expected expenses. In addition to the “Compact” for Good Business, the company has developed a “Building and Management Manual,” which is used to train all employees, as well as managers and general managers, on toilet building and management. The Building and Management Manual are included with each toilet for sale, as well as the toto toilet.

The toilet paper, which is supplied by TOTO, can be bought in rolls of one hundred and eighty-five grams or three hundred and twenty grams, depending on the size of the toilet that you have. The toilet paper is generally pre-tipped with a standard toothpick hole, to ensure even flushing. Each roll usually contains sixty-two grams of water supply or three hundred and twenty grams of water per sheet. This is sufficient to give you a fresh flush. It can be stored in an upright position inside the tank, or it can be stacked individually in waterproof containers marked with a T to help keep the stack from breaking.

The spray wand, which comes with each toto toilet paper package, has an extending handle that makes it easy to spray the tray. This wand is intended to reach a minimum of thirty-six inches high. The spray wand is also meant to reach a maximum of seventy-six inches high, but most commonly it will not exceed one hundred and twenty inches high. The spray wand does not have a self-cleaning feature, so after every use, you will need to empty the tray by manually flushing the spray wand into the toilet water.

The Toilet Tubes Sanaglosse comes with the Toto High Efficiency Plus kit. The Toto High Efficiency Plus kit has a sanaglossine tube attached to the lid that creates a barrier between the toto and the surrounding bathroom space. This prevents cross flow of water from the toto into the bathroom. The purpose of this is to prevent soap scum from forming on the bathroom walls, flooring, or any surface that could allow moisture to collect. The sanaglossine tube is made of a high-density polyethylene material, which makes it highly resilient against damage, crushing, or breaking. This also makes it highly resistant to mildew build up.

The Toto toilet lid remote control is an optional accessory, however, it is recommended. The remote control allows the user to remotely clean the toilet and reduce water waste. It is designed in such a way that it attaches to the lid using a suction band. When the lid is closed, the spray wand automatically moves across the entire perimeter and dries the wick.