The Essential Components Of Fitness And Why They Matter

We all need to do some type of fitness and exercise to stay healthy and strong. If you want to be fit and strong, then you need to learn what types of exercise you like to do. The more active you are, the better off you are in your fitness journey.

Fitness is the state of being able to do various parts of daily activities, jobs and sports and, more importantly, maintaining proper health. Proper fitness is usually achieved through light-weight, appropriate-vigorous exercise, proper nutrition and adequate rest. One must work on skill-related components as well to enhance fitness.

There are many factors that determine a person’s fitness level. It is not just the amount of exercise one engages in, but the quality and intensity of that exercise. Some things that affect fitness level include body composition, muscle strength, health-related components and life performance. One’s age, body size and shape as well as muscular endurance also play an important role in determining one’s fitness level.

The quality of an activity or exercise is also a key determinant factor in determining a person’s fitness level. It may be easy for some to engage in exercises such as walking or jogging whereas others need a lot of stretching to keep fit. It is important to determine the level of difficulty of an activity before undertaking it. For instance, it would be impossible for someone who is very short in stature to engage in high-impact aerobics, whereas someone of the same height and weight could take up rowing and aerobic exercises. Similarly, someone with poor flexibility can make great use of stretching exercises.

Life performance is an aspect of fitness that is often overlooked by individuals other than fitness specialists. In general, life performance is self-examined on a daily basis through things such as job satisfaction with one’s social network. It is also affected by personal relationships. However, this aspect of fitness has particular significance in terms of increasing one’s fitness levels. Basically, it measures how well an individual does in various areas of life such as work, relationships and recreation.

The three main components of fitness are physical exercise, activity level and life performance. Physical exercise is considered the first component because it is what will get the body moving and provide it with calories and oxygen. An active lifestyle is always encouraged for people to live longer and be healthy. While it may be easy to do some activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol, sedentary lifestyles can still affect fitness. Thus, it is important for a fitness expert to determine the factors and components that affect fitness levels in individuals and design a fitness plan accordingly.