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To toto means “down to earth”. Meaning of toto in English translates this word into English to mean “down to earth”. In other words, toto is an earthy place. To literally means “with a swing” – again taken from the Spanish language Tuvro (which means “with a swing”).


Toto is a Japanese-American band that formed in 1971 in Los Angeles, California. The band featured vocalist/singer/keyboardist John Fogleton, guitarists Ray Wanjo and Tom Morello, bassist/vocalist Carlos Santana, and drummer John Paul Jones. The band has gone through various lineups since their formation and still features a current lineup consisting of these very names. Since their formation, the band has not released any albums. However, due to their long absence from the public eye, Toto’s popularity has increased greatly.

Due to the group’s long absence from the limelight, many misconceptions have been created about the band and its members. One such myth is that Toto is a hard rock band, synonymous with death metal. This is not the case; however, Toto is a rather heavy metal band, with songs that are often compared to Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. As previously stated, Toto is not a hard rock band; rather, they are an American rock band, with songs that sound much like early Cream.

For those unfamiliar with the group, prior to their breakup, Toto had been signed by Motley Crue and was well known as the “Dirty Six” due to their use of pyrotechnics during their performances. Also, prior to their split from Ozzy Osbourne, the band had planned on performing at the Coachella Music Fest in California. Unfortunately, this was not to happen, as Ozzy Osbourne was forced to cancel the show due to an ongoing personal illness. Ozzy then formed the supergroup “The Black Sabbath.” Ozzy additionally went on to play lead guitar for his other band Black Label Society, which also featured replacements by former Manchest and Stone Temple Pilots member, Kim Burrell.

In 1998, the Japanese Rock band went back into the studio with producer, Alan Silvestri, who wanted to make them more pop oriented. Oto changed the format of their first album, which saw them going into the “Americanized” version of their music. The band began recording their second album in the U.S., with a more jazzy feel to the songs and an increased guitar presence. The end result saw them going into the “Americanized” version of their song, “Reelin’ in the Years,” with a slightly slower tempo.

“The elusive Tootto” is yet another example of the power of the mind to create music. While there are some bands that have used their music to direct people’s action, such as the Rolling Stones, Queen, and The Beatles, very few bands have done so with a sense of humor. There is no doubt that Tootto created “la vie amour” with his classic gambling activity. If you want to get into the same state of mind, simply download a free Tootto T.V.

The Conceptualization of Health in the Public Domain

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well-being where infirmity and disease are absent. It is a state where the body is capable of enduring changes that other people would consider normal, though our bodies can’t tell the difference between what is truly normal and what is not. It is our standard condition but with some help we can expect to have good health. With what we eat, the quality of our sleep and the level of stress in our lives can all affect our health. So what can we do to be healthy?


The dictionary defines health as good physical and mental wellbeing, but defining health is more complex. What we consider to be good physical and mental health is subject to individual judgment. Some people may consider an unhealthy weight to be obese while others may consider being overweight as good health.

A better definition is good health that exists when there is an absence of disease or disability and not expected to return to normalcy over time. It can also exist when the body has been able to overcome initial challenges such as childhood obesity, heart disease, cancer and serious accidents. Good health is influenced by external factors such as a balanced diet, regular exercise and a reduction in environmental toxins. It can also be a reflection of internal factors such as spirituality, attitude, self-confidence and motivation.

In order to have a proper definition of health, it is important to first be able to measure it. An approach to health would be the concept of defining health as the ability to be in existence without any known illness or suffering from any known disease or disability. This definition excludes people who have a known illness or disability that is associated with a social, economic or medical model that is currently being used to determine the definition of health. These people would be placed in the category of individuals who require special consideration under the medical model.

There are two major ways to measure health. There are the physical and the mental aspects of it. The physical aspect of it includes things like the definition of abnormal anatomy and functioning as well as abnormal physiology, endocrinology, immunology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, clinical radiology, imaging studies and laboratory investigations that support causality.

The other is the mental well-being. Mental health is a composite of the aspects of the four facets of general health. A major factor is missing personal identification and feeling of worth. A major component is the integration of appraisal processes such as the self-esteem perspective, the need for social skills, the need for assertiveness, interpersonal relations and communication. The other factor is financial health, which refers to the interrelationship between the financial well-being and the physical, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being.