A State Of Complete Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Well-Being

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well being where infirmity and disease are absent. It is the state of mind and body that we get when we live in a healthy environment. This means that physical health encompasses your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Mental health on the other hand is the capacity to think positively and make decisions even in difficult situations.

The state of your mind can be affected by your experiences from life as well as your family background. There is no way to avoid or escape the facts that you will face in life. Hence it is your responsibility to be well-informed about these facts. With this knowledge you will be equipped to deal with them in a positive manner and have the capacity to lead a happy and successful life.

Mental wellness has multiple meaning and there are several concepts that are associated with this. However, the concept of “wellness” is most commonly associated with the concept of social well-being. The goal of social wellness is to achieve and attain an optimal sense of mental well-being that can ultimately lead to physical health.

Health administration refers to the promotion of human services. There are different areas of human services. These include the development, research, education, clinical, preventive and public health management, direct service and supportive services. All of these provide assistance to individuals and communities in realizing their potentials and enhancing their abilities to achieve optimum health. It is important for everyone to become knowledgeable about their own health. If you feel that you lack the knowledge about your health, then it is time to get yourself educated about the ins and outs of the health industry.

Equity in health has been acknowledged as the fundamental building block of social progress and the promotion of physical well-being. The advancement of equality of health has paved way to the advancements of mental health as well. The implementation of policies that promote health can reduce the discrepancies between the lives of men and women. Although there still are several differences between the lives of men and women, there have been numerous changes in the pattern of health disparity.

A state of complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being is what is being discussed now. This is the ultimate goal of every institution that aims to improve the quality of life. By promoting wellness, these organizations are helping the people to realize their full potentials. In this way, they are also fulfilling their responsibility as representatives of the world health organization. Organizations that realize the importance of promoting wellness should be included in the corporate wellness goal list.