To Toilet Seat Comfort and Cleanliness Issues


To Toilet Seat Comfort and Cleanliness Issues

Known for innovation and style, TOTO is a luxury toilet brand that offers elegant designs to complement any bathroom. TOTO Ltd., styled as TOTO, is globally known for producing the world’s highest quality toilet fixtures. It was launched in 1917 and now is well-known for creating both the Washlet and related products. The company also has manufacturing facilities in nine different countries across Asia.

The most important feature of TOTO products is their innovative approach to high-end toilet fixtures. The company’s history reveals that it started out as a small housecleaning and janitorial service in a small town in Japan. A visit to the local market by a resident gave TOTO an idea for a business venture: to create washes and other toilet fixtures in order to meet the needs of the Japanese people. Although the business later fizzled out, TOTO kept on experimenting with new innovations until it finally emerged as a successful toilet brand in Japan. Today, TOTO still uses traditional Japanese washlets to produce high-end products at affordable prices.

TOTO’s Japanese roots go back to the Meiji Period, which was when Japan became known as a unified country after the ending of the Edo Period. The Meiji Period also witnessed the birth of many famous Japanese poets and writers including a few who are still revered today for their achievements. One of these individuals is TOTO founder Kambei, who in addition to being a renowned poet and writer created one of the most famous Japanese hygienic systems ever – the Toilet.

One of the most innovative features in TOTO toilets is their “qua-flushing” system. A low-pressure spray of water pushes out all dirt and germs from within the toilet bowl by utilizing suction power. The entire operation is controlled by a remote control. The TOTO flushing system not only ensures an abrupt flush, it also helps in removing unwanted particles that might stick to the walls of the toilet bowl and ruin your bathroom experience.

For many people in the US and other Western countries, the standard height of most toto toilets is around 14 inches. This means that if you have a standard size toilet seat, it will cover approximately half of the available space in the toilet. If you have a slightly smaller toilet, it will either consume a lot more room or leave unobstructed areas that can be filled with debris. One way to avoid this problem is to opt for a “foldable seat”. Some companies sell foldable seats that are a fraction of the size of standard seats, which allow you to save space in your bathroom. Foldable seats are often made of high quality material, such as stainless steel, making it easy to clean and disinfect.

If you have difficulty finding a toilet seat that fits properly with your existing toilet, it might be worth considering a toto toilet seat that has a built in rim. Rimless bowls allow you to choose a height that is comfortable for you and adds extra comfort to the act of flushing. They are also easy to install because they require no hole installation. The best rimless toilet seats have an extra area at the top of the seat that is slightly raised, which allows you to raise the seat further in case of need.