African Mythology and the Life of Tootto

Toto (or “Tom”, as he used to call his pals) was originally a small, greenish colored baby that lived in a cage in a safari park in South Africa. The baby was only a few weeks old when a hunting party from the park arrived to get it some fresh air and food. The baby was so small and scared of all the loud noises, he kept shivering and refused to go outside. It took the adventurous and clever Dr. David Green to save the little one.


Toto had an issue with sleeping. He would wake up in the middle of the night and just stare at whatever caused him to wake up. When he finally slept well again, he was so pleased that he could talk. Some say that Toto was so smart he must have been given a genetic memory factor to remember everything.

Today Toto lives in peace and works with his former neighbors and friends as a veterinarian. He enjoys telling children stories about his adventures with people and animals from all over the world. He even has a book written about him written by his friend Hector Bond. Children who love to read this book and have a fun time learning about the life of a famous lion from Africa.

One of Toto’s most favorite stories is called “The Great Bazaar”, written by Nelson Glueck. The book tells the story of Toto, who along with other lions is in the big city in Africa when they are attacked by three motorcycle disguised men. The men throw gasoline bombs and dynamite down on the streets and Toto must use his wisdom and quick reflexes to save the people he cares for. This book is a great example of how using your head and using your wit can help you through tough times. It teaches children the importance of using their minds rather than just relying on others to do things for them.

Toto is portrayed as a very good friend to his friends and people he meets on his travels. His ability to sense danger and his protective nature has always made him a beloved character in literature. In addition, his loyalty to his friend Mufasa is shown. Toto shows his caring nature by protecting him at every cost. Because of his protective nature he is often shown helping his friend Mufasa whenever he is attacked by other animals or humans.

Toto the lion has become an icon of Africa. He continues to be depicted as the leader of the pride he leads and as someone who teaches children about respecting other people. As more children learn about Toto and the way he deals with people both on his own and as part of a family he continues to be a popular figure.