Swedish Lottery


Other forms of lotteries in Sweden

Several forms of lotteries exist in Sweden. While many people may think of the traditional Lotto, there are actually several other forms. Svenska Spel, the company that operates the Swedish Lotto, also operates several other forms of lotteries, including sdy hari ini scratch cards. It is also the only online lottery operator that advertises in Sweden legally.

Lotto is a game that offers four draws per week. A player chooses seven numbers from a list of 35. Players can choose to enter Lotto on their own or enter System Entry, which allows players to choose up to 12 numbers. The jackpots vary, and some draws are more popular than others.

The Swedish Lotto is a lottery game that is run by a government licensed company. Since 1980, the Lotto has been a highly popular game in Sweden. It offers a low starting bet of 50p.