What Are Free Casino Bonuses?

The word casino comes from the Italian word that means small house. The main intention of casino is enjoyment and fun at leisure. Gambling in casino is nowadays becoming a new life style for the wealthy. It has been estimated that more than 1 percent of the total population of USA are gamblers. As casino implies the place for betting previous history indicates that the very first official casino was opened in Baden, Switzerland in seventeen 65.


In the year eighteen seventy nine the first “online” casino for real money gaming was launched in the city of Las Vegas by the then US President elect, Mr. William Hidalgo. At that time roulette was no longer played only in the salons or in the “dossiers” of the affluent. The first thing noticed in this new gambling arena was that the players who were willing to wager their fortunes and put their life savings were willing to wager even larger sums.

In recent years the online casinos have grown considerably. A good number of these casinos are based in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. One can also find a great collection of online casino games in the exotic locations of Macao and Bora. The online casinos also spread over into Europe, offering casinos and gambling facilities in many countries where such gambling facilities were earlier confined. There are also many offshore casinos that are offering exotic betting deals.

The gamblers who are visiting different casinos in different parts of the world to make use of their facilities will be offered a comps list. These comps list contains all information on the different offers that each casino will have for its visitors. These offers are normally known as “fees”. These charges are either imposed by the casino or are negotiated by the online casino with the dealers.

For roulette and other online casino games, one must ensure that there are not any mistakes on the wagers. If there are such mistakes the gamer may end up getting a very low return. Some online casinos may insist that a certain minimum amount of money be deposited to the online casinos account before the player can start playing. This may be accompanied with a “small print” which should be read thoroughly before signing up. This may give a detailed description of the various terms and conditions that are applicable in respect of the online casino games.

For cash games most of the online casinos will offer some sort of free spins. For video poker most of the online casinos will give out free spins after a player deposits a specific amount. Free spins do not require a large sum of money. These free casino bonuses can be in the form of: free spins for depositing lesser amounts; free spins when you reach a certain amount in your bankroll; or free spins for spending sums over a certain limit. The online casinos may also offer these free casino bonuses when a player sign ups with their casino account.