Problem Gamblers Anonymous – Online Resources


Problem Gamblers Anonymous – Online Resources

Gambling is described as an activity in which someone bets or wagers on a proposition, game, or event with the aim of winning something of worth or cash. This act is known as gambling and has been going on for thousands of years. The word “gambling” comes from the Latin word which means “to place or put to use.” Gambling therefore requires three essential components to exist: risk, consideration, and a reward.

There are several types of gambling, such as baccarat, video poker machines, slot machines, horse betting, etc. Gambling addiction, in its most extreme form, can include the use of illegal drugs like marijuana or heroin. The more common forms include card, board, lottery tickets, etc. Gambling addiction is not uncommon. In fact, approximately 25% of the population gamblers on some sort of occasion, regularly, which is why there are so many support groups available today for those who suffer from gambling addiction.

Support groups are beneficial for people with all kinds of problems including gambling addiction because they help the problem gamblers learn that they are not alone in their endeavor. There are many online support networks for those with gambling addiction problems. These include forums, chat rooms, email addresses, phone numbers, and blogs where those with gambling problems can discuss any issues that they may have.

Many of the problems associated with gambling are compounded by family finances and personal habits. Many problem gamblers do not attend regular church services because they do not feel comfortable talking about their gambling problem with others who share the same faith. They may also try to hide their gambling debts and financial troubles from their family and close friends. Family members can provide much needed support and guidance for the problem gamblers. They can remind the problem gamblers that gambling is not something that they should be ashamed of and that it does not mean that they cannot have a positive lifestyle. Gambling addiction self-help programs also help the family members of the problems associated with gambling addiction because they teach family members how to recognize the warning signs of gambling addiction.

Another excellent resource for problem gamblers is Gambling Addiction Anonymous (GAAA). GAAA is a twelve step program that has been developed and refined through decades of experience by problem gamblers themselves and by those who know about its effectiveness. GAAA members meet weekly in small group settings at a central location. The goal of these meetings is to share information and to work together to develop and manage a better sense of identity through the sharing of that identity and through the daily experiences with each other that they have.

A final good place to find support is at the One Way Betting Forums. At the One Way Betting Forum you can not only get help if you are having a gambling problem but you can learn about one of the most important tools you need to stop gambling and that is, when you want to learn more about gambling and betting. You can learn about the types of bets you should make when you participate in a game, the types of bets you should avoid making, the types of events that you should watch out for, the best times to participate in a game, and all of the other helpful facts that can help you to have a healthier choices with your gambling and betting experience.