The Best Ladies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training – Five of the Best Trainers in the World

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The Best Ladies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training – Five of the Best Trainers in the World

The Tiger Woods and To Gel Golf Club are named for two of the most respected ladies of Thai Boxing, Tong Po and Rachael Ray. It was said that former champ boxer Tong Po once used a fake wooden dummy to take shots at his opponents in training. Now in his prime, Tong Po is one of the best ladies martial arts fighters in the world. She has become renowned as a women’s boxing coach as of late, and she brings her knowledge of boxing with her knowledge of coaching women in the martial arts.

Rachael Ray also started her career as a Thai Kickboxing champion. She is now best known for her reality shows and her role in the Big Brother TV show. Many Thai Women are known to practice with Rachael Ray and Tong Po, and the two women have created some of the best known and popular boxing techniques in the country. Rachael Ray has created many friendships and brought some of Thailand to the forefront of the international stage. Both women have brought great popularity to their respective martial arts gyms in the country.

Togel Hongkong, who is originally from Bangkok, has become a very popular name in Pattaya. Togel is known as the “Papua King” due to his ability to easily defend himself against almost any attack. Known as a hard-hitting striker, he first became popular in Pattaya with his capture of the WBA Heavyweight Title by beating out then champion Andray Empellin. After Empellin was moved to America Togel fought Empellin again at WSOF 8, defeating the American by score decision but this would be his last fight before he decided to retire. Currently Togel is doing well both locally and overseas in both his amateur and pro fights.

Another very popular fighter that made his name in Pattaya is Bermain Togel. The first defense medal that Bermain won in the country came from a match held against Filipino champion Joe Holanda. After the match Bermain went on to become a national hero when he defeated Holanda in consecutive matches to cap off a four-year reign as king of Karate in Thailand. While in Thailand Bermain Togel is recognized for his solid striking abilities and often touts the fact that he is the only true Thai stylist that is able to run, jump, and hit his opponent from close range. Bermain Toge has also faced world class competition including former heavyweight champ Charles Bronson and has beaten him. He is currently on a win streak that includes a victory over Ken Shamrock in a exhibition in Malaysia.

Current Thai ladies lightweight champion Saneevana Munoz should be considering an all time lightweight champion but she is probably most famous for winning the World Cup last year in Germany. Saneevana won the tournament by a stunning score of 14-2 and her victory in the tournament was viewed around the world as a great example of female MMA. Saneevana Munoz has trained with some of the best in the world in her time and even though she has not fought outside of Thailand many have described her striking style as similar to hers that originated in Karate.

Deciding whether or not you should train with the following five great ladies could be a tough decision. Each of them has her own claim to being a world class striker and each of them has a distinctive style. It is up to you to decide which of these you want to specialize in, or maybe mix them up a bit to create a whole new approach to training. The important thing to keep in mind when you are picking a training partner is that they are your peers and not just people who happen to be in the gym with you.