Determinants That Affects Health

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. The concept of health has become more significant than the concepts of wealth or poverty. It covers all the aspects that are related to health and the people who lead a healthy life usually enjoy better health conditions and live longer. There are numerous causes of poor health conditions and some of the major ones are age, genetic background, environment, habits, diet, lifestyle, gender and heredity. There are various types of diseases and health disorders and each has its own specific target or description.

Some of the health issues are associated with behaviors and lifestyles. The increasing number of communicable diseases is a result of poor and unsafe lifestyle practices. Some of the communicable diseases include; Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Smallpox, Autism, HIV, AIDS, Caused by Unicellular bacteria, sexually transmitted diseases, auto-immune disorders, autoimmune disorders, migraine, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity.

The growing trend of natural and holistic medicines is a result of increasing awareness about health issues and they are being adopted as an effective way of treatment. Natural health science holds a positive approach towards life and it promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit by using complementary therapies, meditation and yoga. These health sciences aim at preventing, treating and improving the general human health and it also covers emotional, mental and spiritual health. The importance of holistic medicines is becoming evident with the increase in the number of people suffering from various diseases.

On the other hand, physical and mental wellness comprises of both the quality and quantity of health status. Poor health status results in various diseases and can be the result of lack of nutrition and regular exercise. On the other hand, good health status can be achieved through a healthy diet, proper sleep, stress management, regular exercise, regular medical check up, relaxation, proper techniques to meditate, yoga and other spiritual practices. Psychological well being refers to the ability to cope with the day to day challenges and live a productive life. It can be enhanced by learning new skills, social interaction and having good relationships.

The main objective of public health services is to protect the overall health of an individual by preventing diseases, keeping the environment clean and maintaining the basic social conditions. However, some diseases may be incurable and thus require ongoing medical care. In these cases, prevention and early detection play an important role in preventing the spread of the disease. With the advancement of technology and modern medical approaches, the quality of health care delivery has improved a lot over the years. Today, the primary objective of most health care systems is to prevent death and prevent disability.

It has been found that there are many determinants that contribute to the overall determinant quality of life or health. These determinants are either genetic or environmental. It has been found that lifestyle, personality and genes exert strong influence on the determinants of ill-health or disability. These three determinants are basically influenced by your genes and your lifestyle. The presence of any of these 3 determinants in you may put you at risk for any illness.