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To gel Koh Samui hotels are located all throughout the island and the ones listed below are a few of the best. If you wish to make your trip to the islands more exciting you must try out the fun and lively atmosphere offered by these hotels. The fun and friendly ambiance will leave you breathless.

Fairmont Grand Hotel, situated in Bophut offers guests a very pleasant and quiet atmosphere. This is because there are no children and only adults can stay here. The atmosphere is very relaxing and if you wish to spend some quiet time here you can do so. There are several activities that one can indulge in while staying at this Bophut hotel. The pool is an outdoor pool which is open all year round. There are also beautiful garden chairs and picnic tables at the Bophut area, which is positioned away from the hustle and bustle of the main road.

Nathon International Tourist Village is one of the best hotels in Koh Samui offering its guests a relaxed atmosphere. The village offers great fun and entertainment and also caters to the needs of those who are looking for a more private stay. It is located near Lamai beach and it is near some of the best restaurants and bars in the area.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of the best known and most popular hotels in the area. They have rooms that range from the very affordable to the most luxurious ones. There are many activities that one can enjoy at this place. The pool is an indoor pool that is heated on an hourly basis. There are many restaurants and bars which provide excellent food. There is even a golf course which is not too far.

The Royal Orchid Bali Resort is located in the northern part of the island. They offer great fun and entertainment as well as great relaxation and comfort. Their rooms offer a beautiful view of the beach and the surrounding area. There are many other hotels which are located in the northern area of the island. They include the Soi Tiger, Soi Toma and Soi Nang Yuan.

Golfers who wish to experience a different type of fun should check out the Hongkong Island High Holiday Resort. They have various types of hotels and villas where visitors can stay. This is the perfect place for all those people who wish to have some fun and do not wish to get bored easily. These hotels and villas also offer services that help to keep people’s mind active all throughout the day. There are many activities which can be enjoyed during these activities such as tennis, badminton, table tennis, swimming and diving. The accommodation packages offered here include accommodation, meals and drinks.