How a Complete Environment Helps You Achieve Good Health

Health is a condition of psychological, physical and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. It refers to the ability to cope with challenges, survival challenges and deal with stress. It also includes physiological processes that contribute to good health like the maintenance of the body’s immune system, regulation of blood pressure, the regulation of cardiovascular functions, etc. The way you view your health affects your health. It is influenced by your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, motivation and other factors.


People that are living unhealthy lives are at greater risk of getting sick. Illness causes a lot of stress to the person who is ill. It can cause disruption to work, social relationships and well being. Stress can be managed through exercise, healthy diet, medication, therapy and other interventions. Here are some tips for health and wellness:

A good health and well-being start with the person’s outlook on life and how he views his personal well being and what he expects from life. It includes his beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, motivation and other factors. A person needs to take an active role to ensure he gets optimal self-care. Self-care involves an in-depth analysis of the environmental factors that can affect his physical and mental well being and his willingness to take personal responsibility for his own health.

There are four domains of life quality which include physical health, emotional health, social well-being and cognitive health. A complete physical and mental status test is recommended to assess these domains. The domains have different concepts and therefore different measures. When a person is analyzed, he gets a score out of the total sum of his scores for each domain. It is used to compare him with other individuals and groups.

A complete physical and mental status examination should be part of a well-being program, which would go a long way in improving your health conditions. An in-depth study of your past and present environmental factors could bring in some surprises and help you gain insight and support. A thorough study of your strengths and weaknesses also helps in identifying the gaps in your life that could be holding you back. A good health program also considers the family as an integral part in the overall plan.

While a complete physical environment can provide good health, the quality depends on the overall health and well being plan. Some people are genetically pre-disposed to certain diseases and health conditions, and they need to make lifestyle choices to avoid such health problems. A comprehensive in-depth health program would help you gain a holistic view of your life and identify the areas where you need support most.