Health Care – Understanding Your Body

Health is a complex state of mental, physical and emotional well being in which illness and infirmity have been absent. The human body is the most self sustaining system and if the body is in good condition and health then there is no reason for it to fail or be malformed.


The body is always in need of constant care and attention and it is important that we look after the body by taking care of the health. The body is the largest organ and it is responsible for the proper functioning of other organs and systems in the body such as the respiratory system, blood system and immune system. The whole body system is connected to each other by the organs, glands and tissues, organs and tissues are connected to the organs and glands that are connected to the organs and glands and so on. It is essential that every organ and system in the body is in proper working order as without them there will be no functioning of any part of the body. This implies that the health of an individual depends on the health of all the organs and systems of the body.

A person who does not take care of their body through regular check up and exercise can get several health problems. These problems can be very serious as the organs in the body can be damaged due to various reasons and they may lead to death. Therefore it is very important to have a check on the health of an individual daily.

There are many health related problems like chronic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and some of the other health related disorders, these conditions can affect the general health of an individual and can cause long term damage. Poor general health can also lead to a loss of work capabilities and productivity. Therefore the primary goal of health professionals is to provide better health care services to their patients and to ensure that the body is in proper working condition.

Most people tend to ignore the importance of regular check ups on a regular basis, they think that if their health is not good then they will not suffer from any health related problem. However this is not true. If we ignore the symptoms of sickness in our bodies then they can get worse. Therefore regular check ups on the body are required to detect any kind of health-related disorder and take appropriate measures.

Regular check ups help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and prevent the onset of many serious health related disorders. People can choose to have regular check ups at the clinic of their doctor or the local community health centre and this helps to ensure that the body is healthy and there are no chances of developing any serious illness in the future. One should keep a record of the medical history of the person and ask for recommendations for treatment when required.