Senior Care


Senior Care

Health is a complex state of mental, physical and social well being in which illness and disease are absent. As a society we all strive to maintain a healthy body by eating healthy foods that are low in fat and calories. We are also encouraged to exercise on a regular basis in order to keep our bodies fit. Health issues may range from an illness or injury, such as a broken bone, to a condition such as diabetes mellitus.

Long term care, also known as chronic health conditions (C.H.M.S), is something that can be serious and debilitating. People with C.H.M.S. need care on a daily basis, whether it’s in the form of medical care, home care or both. C.H.M.S. is often diagnosed at an advanced age, which is why it is important to take your health seriously.

C.H.M.S., if left untreated, can be very damaging. It is estimated that one out of three seniors in this country have C.H.M.S. Some of the major ailments that affect seniors include memory loss, depression and confusion. The average life expectancy for people with C.H.M.S. is about forty years old. They can suffer from serious illness, such as pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and blindness. Long-term care is often necessary to help seniors live a full and productive life.

Seniors living with C.H.M.S. often have a hard time getting around, due to memory loss and confusion. They tend to suffer from depression and are afraid to go out in public.

Elderly people can find themselves confined to their homes when there is a need for specialized care. Hospice, for example, can provide comfort and respite to the elderly. Many elderly people find it very difficult to care for their loved ones because of their own physical problems, but they are also unable to care for their family. Many elderly families rely on C.H.M.S.

There is no substitute for caring for those you love in our aging society, and there is not a better way to do it than to provide quality medical care and help senior citizens achieve a quality of life. There are a number of resources to help families and senior citizens in caring for the elderly in the area. Some of these are offered by the local government agencies, while others are provided by private companies and charities. There are also a number of organizations that work together with local governments to help elderly citizens who are unable to care for themselves.