The hottest girl in London

The hottest girl in London

The hottest girl in London. Naomi, AKA N Dizzle, CEO/Director of Bula Bowl. Has been named the hottest girl in London by the prestigious E dog committee AKA Ed Howey

Some more super interesting facts about Naomi.

  • Currently a hotshot player in one of the biggest Outdoor advertising firms in the UK. Naomi likes to crack the whip at work and unwind with a nice bula bowl in her down-time.
  • A vegan with a penchant for making beautiful and tasty food; she’s set her sights on a side project of vegan healthy foods (watch this space!).
  • An animal-lover who will watch your dog if you ask her nicely. But don’t expect her to watch your cats unless you want her face to swell up like beetroot and no one wants that when you’re the hottest girl in London.

If you’re interested in any vegan treats, then feel free to message her on her Instagram account

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